"Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold."

In the early 1970's, brothers Ed and Frank Murray embarked on a lifelong family adventure, transforming their beloved sport into the globally acclaimed Murray Brothers brand of sportfishing equipment.

Starting on Long Island, NY, the Murray brothers quickly realized that their brand needed to relocate to the sportfishing mecca of South Florida as it grew. In 1972, Ed and Frank made the decision to move their company and families to Palm Beach, Florida.

Ed and Frank's diligence, keen eye, and quality focus helped them stand out in the sportfishing industry. Murray Brothers became the destination for mastering the sport and equipping your boat. They offered a wide range of products, from fishing lures to fighting chairs. Throughout their journey, the iconic Murray Brothers logo featuring a 'man riding the tuna' gained worldwide recognition.

Our grandfather Frank, we called him poppy, left us a challenge before he passed in 2021: revive and pursue the Murray Brothers branding. Continuing the family legacy, my brother Vincent and I were determined! On 20th March 2023, the day our poppy would have turned 83, we set out on a mission to bring back the legendary sportfishing brand. We're starting with the original shirt designs from the early years and will keep adding more items as we explore our family past.

Join us on this epic journey as we continue our family legacy! You are a vital part of our adventure, so feel free to share your own memories or requests.

Allie & Vinny Jr.



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